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finally, a coherent narrative!

Pauline's Intuition Strikes Back

I KNEW it. They're going to have a third student speaker at graduation. Is there a point, then, for the valedictorian and the salutatorian to speak? I always conceived that it was to honor and recognize the achievements of the two most academically distinguished students in the class. I am by no means suggesting that if there were a third student speaker I would feel as if the school were dissing my achievement, but one of the BIG hallmarks of being #1 or #2 is that you DO, indeed, get to make a speech -- and that is a special privilege. Even if there were, say, an oratory course (or courses) at this school, I would understand it -- but this is a totally random, out of the blue kind of deal. And I don't like it, because they haven't earned the privilege of speaking with four years of especially hard work -- especially considering my GPA and Michaela's GPA are points and points higher than anyone else's. And the move is definitely politically motivated.
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